General Enquiries: 204.944.6200 (toll-free) 1.866.638.2561

Provincial Adult Addiction Information Line (toll-free): 1.855.662.6605

Youth Addictions Centralized Intake Service (toll-free): 1.877.710.3999
(provincial service provided through Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre)

24-Hour Problem Gambling Helpline (toll-free): 1.800.463.1554

AFM Offices Outside of Winnipeg View full office listing >

AFM Services at River Point Centre View full office listing >
146 Magnus Avenue  – See Street Parking Map >
Winnipeg, MB  R2W 2B4
Phone: 204-944-6209
Fax: 204-775-5261
email: wpgmens@afm.mb.ca

Women and Family – Winnipeg View full office listing >
586 & 588 River Avenue
Winnipeg, MB  R3L 0E8
Phone: 204-944-6229
Fax: 204-284-5520
email: womenandfamily@afm.mb.ca

NOTE: This program is moving to 1041 Portage Ave effective November 30, 2015.

Impaired Driver Program, Gambling, m.i.n.e. and Satellite Offices View full office listing >
1031 Portage Avenue  – See Street Parking Map >
Winnipeg, MB  R3G 0R8
Phone: 204-944-6290
Fax: 204-779-9165

Youth (Eastern and Central Manitoba) View full office listing >
200 Osborne Street North
Winnipeg, MB  R3C 1V4
Phone: 204-944-6235
Fax: 204-772-8077
email: youth@afm.mb.ca

Brandon and Surrounding Area View full office listing >
510 Frederick Street
Brandon, MB  R7A 6Z4
Phone: 204-729-3838 (toll-free) 1-866-767-3838
Fax: 204-729 3844
email: parkwood@afm.mb.ca

Parkland View full office listing >
PO Box 490
Ste. Rose du Lac, MB  R0L 1S0
Phone: 204-447-4040 
(toll-free) 1-877-917-4040
Fax: 204-447-4050
email: parkland@afm.mb.ca

AFM North View full office listing >
90 Princeton Drive
Thompson, MB  R8N OL3
Phone: 204-677-7300 (toll-free) 1-866-291-7774
Fax: 204-677-7328
email: afmnorth@afm.mb.ca

Knowledge Exchange Centre and Resource Collection
Knowledge Exchange Centre
1031 Portage Avenue  – See Street Parking Map >
Winnipeg, MB  R3G 0R8
Phone: 204-944-6279 (toll-free) 1-866-638-2568
Fax: 204-772-0225
E-mail: KECentre@afm.mb.ca

Courses and Workshops
2nd floor – 1031 Portage Avenue  – See Street Parking Map >
Winnipeg, MB  R3G 0R8
Phone: 204-944-6260 (toll-free) 1-866-638-2561
Fax: 204-779-9165
email: wpgcourses@afm.mb.ca

Executive Offices
1031 Portage Avenue  – See Street Parking Map >
Winnipeg, MB  R3G 0R8
Phone: 204-944-6236
Fax: 204-944-7082
E-mail: execoff@afm.mb.ca

Media Enquiries
Phone: 204-944-6243
Email: media@afm.mb.ca

Website related Enquiries
Email: webmaster@afm.mb.ca

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