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Our programs are designed to help you look at your involvement with alcohol, drugs or gambling to see if it is affecting your life in a negative way. You will have the opportunity to meet counsellors who understand youth issues and the potential effects of alcohol, drugs or gambling on young people’s lives. If you decide that your substance use or gambling is causing problems for you, your counsellor can provide support and assistance in making positive changes.

In our programs, you can expect:

  • Safety: This means you can be yourself, without the fear of being judged, criticized or lectured.
  • Confidentiality: This means that your counsellor will not share information about you without your permission. One of our goals is to prevent harm to anyone. If we believe that someone is in danger, we may have to share information with another service in order to keep them safe.
  • Respect: This means that we will listen and talk with you, not at you. You have the right to think what you think, feel what you feel and believe what you believe.
  • Openness: Your counsellor will not keep information about you from you. You will be involved in all decisions affecting you.

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