Fundamentals of Addiction

Fundamentals of Addiction provides participants with foundational knowledge necessary for understanding the field of addictions, specifically relating to alcohol, other drugs and gambling.  This virtual course provides fundamental knowledge common to specific focus areas within the addictions field, such as an Addictions Framework, Determinants of Health, Process Addictions, appropriate Interventions and Recovery Management for Specific Populations. The course provides an introduction and a base on which to build further knowledge and skills.


This course is eligible for U of M ACCP specialization in Addiction Studies and appropriate for post-secondary students and helping professionals Fundamentals of Addiction is the prerequisite for all ACCP students in the Addictions Specialty at the University of Manitoba.


This course will include foundational information in the following areas:

  • Overview of Addictions, alcohol, drug use, and gambling activities in Canadian society.
  • Theories of causation and current models for treatment and prevention.
  • Prevalence of alcohol and other drug use and misuse, gambling and problem gambling activity in Canada.
  • Overview of the formal addiction treatment system in Canada.
  • Components for successful treatment planning and continuum of treatment services available in Canada.
  • Ongoing processes for making and maintaining behaviour change.






September 19,20,21 2023  1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Registration is now closed.

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