Courses & Workshops


Courses & Workshops

Applied Counselling Certificate Program (ACCP)

Applied Counselling students who choose this area of specialization are required to complete 210 hours of required courses in the Applied Counselling Certificate Program (ACCP) at University of Manitoba AND 100 hours of Addictions Studies courses from the list below:

The following are required courses:

  • Fundamentals of Addictions (pre-requisite for all other) 20 hours
  • Pharmacology of Mood Altering Drugs 10 hours
  • Recovery-Oriented Practice (Formerly Continuum of Recovery) 10 hours

The following are elective courses of which you must select 60 hours:

  • Indigenous Peoples: Substance Use and Gambling (formerly Aboriginal People and Addictions: What are the issues?) 10 hours
  • Aging and Addictions 10 hours
  • Families and Addictions 10 hours
  • Family Violence and Addictions 10 hours
  • Understanding Gambling & Gambling Behaviour 10 hours
  • Women and Addictions 10 hours
  • Youth: Substance Use & Gambling 10 hours


20 hour courses $225.00 
10 hour courses $185.00 

Students seeking credit in the Applied Counselling Certificate Program (ACCP) must submit their original certificate and grade letter for the AFM course(s) they have completed. Original certificates and grade letters will be returned to the student. 

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