List of Contacts

Temporary Relocation of Programs and Services to 614 Des Meurons Street and 491 Portage Avenue

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The following provides a list of all the programs and services relocated at 614 Des Meurons Street and contact information:

  • Intake/Assessment – Women’s In-House Program
    • Our intake counsellors for the Women’s Program are completing intake and assessments at 614 Des Meurons Street by appointment and walk-in.  Counsellors will continue with all outreach intakes and assessments as scheduled. The Women’s In-House Program is temporarily located in Teulon, MB. For more information please visit: www.afm.mb.ca/womensinhouseprogram
    • For program information please contact the Manitoba Addictions Helpline: 1-855-662-6605
  • Community-Based Programs and Services (currently by appointment only):
    • Community Based (non-residential) Women’s Program
      • Status: in full operation. For more information about group sessions, contact the Manitoba Addictions Helpline: 1-855-662-6605  
    • Family Program
      • Status: Currently providing orientation and counselling sessions. Individual counselling continues at 614 Des Meurons Street. For group counselling information contact our community based intake office at (204) 944-6325
    • Coming to Terms
      • Status: in full operation
    • Impaired Driving Program
      • Status: providing assessments, group educational sessions. Walk-ins are cancelled until further notice. We are current receiving payment by credit card, debit or cheque.
    • Gambling Services
      • Status: in full operation
    • Drug Treatment Court
      • Status: in full operation
    • For more information about community-based programs and services, please contact Intake at (204) 944-6325
  • Knowledge Exchange (AFM Library)
      • Status: A portion of the physical location is accessible to the public at 614 Des Meurons Street. Please call for hours of operation. Additional resources are available by request. Electronic resources can be accessed at our library website. Availability of AFM publications (e.g. brochures) is limited
      • Contact: 204-944-6279 or KECentre@afm.mb.ca
  • Community-Based Youth Services:
    • Community-Based Youth Services
      • Status: in full operation
      • Contact:  Hildebrand at 204-944-6235 or youth@afm.mb.ca
    • Youth School-Based Services
      • Status: in full operation
      • Contact Les O’Neill at 204-470-8635 (headquarters at Compass, Southport MB)

Temporary Relocation of Corporate Services to 491 Portage Avenue

The following programs, services and offices have been relocated to 491 Portage Avenue:

  • CEO
  • Human Resources
  • Communications
  • Knowledge Exchange Brokers
  • Data and Evaluation
  • Staff Development
  • Prevention and Education
  • Policy and Privacy
  • Risk Management and Accreditation
  • IT Department
  • Finance Department

Please note that we are continuing to provide most services and treatment options. No services will be provided from 1031 or 1041 Portage for about 6 months as remediation and reconstruction work takes place. Please do not refer individuals to 1031 and 1041 Portage.

Additional program and contact information that you may find helpful:

  • Manitoba Addictions Helpline
    • Status: in full operation
    • Contact 1-855-662-6605
  • 24-Hour Problem Gambling Helpline
    • Status: in full operation
    • Contact 1-800-463-1554
  • Workshops & Presentations
  • AFM-ACCP Courses; Trainings
    • Status: in full operation. Some training locations have been changed. In person, phone, and online payments are available. Please note there may be a delay in response time if you are mailing in a registration with payment.
    • Contact wpgcourses@afm.mb.ca

Thank you for your patience during this time. Please check www.afm.mb.ca regular for updates.

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