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Family Services and Education

AFM’s Family Services programs are free and confidential.

Family Information Sessions

These group sessions are an introduction to AFM Family Services. An AFM counsellor will share how addiction happens and how family members and loved ones often react. You can ask questions and the sessions are confidential. The counsellor will also discuss other services AFM offers, but attending more sessions is up to you.

Intake Sessions for Individuals or Families

Intake sessions give you and other loved ones the chance to explore how healthy change might be possible in your relationships. An AFM counsellor will discuss each person’s goals for change and how to reach them. This counsellor will also help each of you to make a decision about taking part in further counselling and programs.

Family Awareness Program

If you’re living with a person struggling with addiction, day-to-day survival often means that you can’t even focus on how you are living. In the Family Awareness Program, you will begin to look at the nature of addiction and the impact it is having on you and other loved ones. During the program, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences and feelings in a safe group setting. With the group’s support, you’ll become aware of the things you can change in your life. Through education and honest self-examination, you’ll begin to have a better understanding of your situation.

Intake and registration is required to participate.

Family Recovery Program

This group therapy program offers support for you to move beyond how addiction is affecting your life. By sharing common experiences with group members, you’ll begin to see that your pain is real, you are not alone, and that you are able to thrive. You’ll also learn how to recognize your own needs and move toward greater wellness.

Intake and registration is required to participate.

Individual Counselling

It’s common to feel alone and unsure of how to deal with the impact of a loved one’s addiction. An AFM counsellor can help you to make sense of an overwhelming situation while working toward healthy changes. Many times the first step is recognizing that you are not responsible for the choices and behaviour of someone else. You may reach a point in your own growth where you wish to confront the person in your life who has a problem with drugs, alcohol or gambling. You may fear saying or doing the wrong thing. You may worry about how your loved one will react. AFM Family Program counsellors can give you information about how to approach those with the problem in a way that may help them to understand the impact of their activities.

Specific Services for Partners and Families of Gamblers

It’s often a financial crisis that uncovers the secret of problem gambling. An AFM counsellor can hep you plan how to stay safe emotionally and financially. The person who is gambling does not have to seek treatment for you to get support. After the crisis, the counsellor will work with you to decide what other changes you would like to make.

Re-parenting Program

This four-week group program is located in Brandon. It is for adults who grew up in families affected by addiction. You will discover how your experience growing up has shaped how you feel about yourself today. You will explore these emotional leftovers from your childhood and begin to develop a healthy connection to your emotions. Together, you and others in the group will learn from each other by sharing experiences.


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