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ReParenting Program

People who have completed either the Family Awareness or Family Recovery Program in Brandon or Winnipeg are invited to continue their own personal growth by participating in the ReParenting Program. The ReParenting Program was developed for adults who grew up in families where there was addiction or other painful issues. Those who grew up in such an environment often mature into adulthood with an intense desire not to repeat what they experienced in childhood. As a result, there is often a lack of an inner sense of what would be better or how to do things differently.

The ReParenting Program provides the safe place to explore the emotional residues of childhood. By putting the past into perspective emotionally, learning how to love and appreciate themselves today, participants find that they experience a sense of being more connected to their own emotions and therefore, more connected to others, including their partners and their children.

Services for families who have someone in treatment for alcohol, drugs or gambling

If you have a loved one in a Treatment Program there are specific services available for you. This is a good opportunity for you to connect with our Family Services and resources for yourself. Specific sessions are offered for family members during the in-house treatment programs in Brandon and Winnipeg.

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