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Community Based Youth Services

Community Based Youth Services provides services for young people from age 12 and up who are either directly involved in problem alcohol, drug or gambling behaviour or who are affected by someone else’s involvement.

For more information on youth services available and how to access them, please contact the Youth Addictions Centralized Intake at 1-877-710-3999.


Goals and Services

The goal of our program is to reduce harm associated with alcohol, other drug use or gambling among Manitoba youth. Our programming is flexible. The extent of substance use or gambling involvement among youth varies. Interest in participating in programs or in making changes varies too. Some young people may choose to work on abstinence, while others may choose to change their use/involvement by reducing the harm. Youth Services programming is based on the “Stages of Change Model.” This model recognizes that change is a process that involves various stages of motivation or interest in changing. We respect these different needs in our programs.


This may involve a number of individual or group sessions or a combination of both. The purpose of the assessment is to gather information that will help the counsellor and the young person set goals and make an action plan based on the young person’s needs. This part of programming also often involves education on alcohol, drugs and gambling.


This may also involve several individual, group or family sessions or a combination of both. The counselling programs will vary across the province. The purpose of the counselling programs is to assist the young person in meeting their goals.


Counsellors can make referrals to other services or external services as needed in order to help clients meet their goals.

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