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Manitoba youth who use alcohol and other mood-altering drugs typically report starting use between the ages of 12-16. Providing AFM Counselling services in schools reduces barriers to referral and treatment for students and allows for earlier intervention.


The purpose of the assessment is to gather information that will help the counsellor and the young person set goals and make an action plan based on the young person’s needs. This may involve a number of individual or group sessions or a combination of both. This part of programming also often involves education on alcohol, drugs and gambling.

Counselling Services

The purpose of the counselling programs is to assist the young person in meeting their goals. This may also involve several individual, group or family sessions or a combination of both. The counselling programs will vary across the province.


AFM counsellors can make referrals to other services within AFM or external services as needed in order to help clients meet their goals.

Student Assistance Programs

AFM counsellors partner and encourage schools to develop Student Assistance Programs (SAPs). SAPs are early intervention programs that are designed to help identify concerns and connect students with helping services. They are based on the belief that the earlier a concern is identified, the earlier an intervention can occur.

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