COVID-19 Resources




Reducing Harm Associated with Substance Use During COVID-19: A Public Health Approach,
Presented by Kathleen Keating-Toews, AFM Knowledge Exchange Broker

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced some people’s relationship with substances. As such, service providers need to be aware of the facts in order to inform prevention and treatment of substance related harms. This webinar will explore:

-Recent statistics and trends on the prevalence on SU behaviours during COVID-19
-Context behind people’s increased use and implications of increased use
-Public health measures, harm reduction, supports and resources


Problem Gambling in the Time of COVID-19,
Presented by Bill Smitheringale, AFM Prevention Education Consultant              

Explore how the gambling landscape in Manitoba has changed during the current pandemic.  Many gambling activities are no longer available, at least for the time being.  How are people adapting? Learn about lower risk gambling guidelines and a variety of strategies for maintaining health and balance.  Lastly, look toward the future and explore safety planning for the time when gambling activities are once again readily accessible.  



Families and Addictions in the Time of COVID-19
Presented by Sheri Lysy-Sigurgeirson, AFM Prevention Education Consultant

With an increase in social isolation and a decrease in access to services, many families may be struggling with how they can support a loved one with a substance use issue. This webinar will focus on what we can and cannot control during these unprecedented times, as well as coping strategies for both family members and their loved one who may be struggling.


Tuesday, June 2nd, 2:00pm-3:00pm  
Youth and Addictions in the Time of COVID-19
Presented by Kate Evans, AFM Prevention Education Consultant                  

What are some of the attractions and impacts for youth using alcohol, cannabis, other drugs, gambling or gaming at this time? Explore the costs and benefits of use as well as some effective harm reduction strategies and supportive resources for youth to access at this time


Sex and Gender-Informed Approaches to Understanding Substance Use During COVID-19
resented by Kathleen Keating-Toews, AFM Knowledge Exchange Broker

Matters of sex and gender are very important when it comes to examining contexts of substance using behaviours. This webinar will seek to explore physiological differences, psychological and societal factors associated with sex, gender and substance use. A greater understanding of these factors can better influence prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and policy initiatives. This session will also consider how these factors may influence substance using behaviours and access to supports during the pandemic.

New Moms, Pregnancy, Lactation and Substance Use in the Time of COVID-19
Presented by Sheri Lysy-Sigurgeirson, AFM Prevention Education Consultant

In a time where the village of support may not exist, some pregnant or parenting moms may turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms to survive this pandemic, which could include substance use. During this webinar, we will normalize and validate the feelings of isolation and overwhelm as well as provide resources for support.


Parents/Caregivers and Addictions in the Time of COVID-19
Presented by Kate Evans, AFM Prevention Education Consultant

Explore strategies to support healthy ways of relating to and connecting with your teen or young adult regarding substance use, gambling or gaming involvement, as well as some effective coping options and resources for you and the young people in your care.


Older Adults and Addictions in the time of COVID-19
Presented by Esther Tran, AFM Prevention Education Consultant

The pandemic is a difficult time for people of all ages and health conditions. For older adults, the pandemic poses additional challenges, as disrupted support systems and potential increased risks of serious complications from COVID-19 can lead to higher levels of stress or anxiety, and increase their vulnerability to various health problems, including addictions.  This webinar will talk about some of the recent developments related to older adults living in self-isolation with the possibility of existing or emerging addictions, as well as addressing issues such as problematic use, healthy coping skills and the community resources that older adults can access in the time of COVID-19.


Additional Resources

As part of the COVID-19 Anti-Racism Campaign – Manitobans: COVID-19 Doesn’t Discriminate. Nor Should You, Immigration Partnership Winnipeg, Elmwood Community Resource Centre, and the Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organizations developed an animated video series explaining the social determinants of health and how these factors have put Indigenous, Racialized, and Immigrant and Refugee Communities at greater risk of COVID-19.

The five videos introduce the idea of the Social Determinants of Health, and explain four of these in the context of COVID-19:

  1. Introduction to Social Determinants of Health and COVID-19: https://youtu.be/6vkMJNRJ_NY
  2. Social Determinant of Health – Employment: https://youtu.be/SDv5oGBeMs4
  3. Social Determinant of Health – Healthcare: https://youtu.be/o9sroWVj-EY
  4. Social Determinant of Health – Housing: https://youtu.be/wPPS2wJo0EE
  5. Social Determinant of Health – Income: https://youtu.be/WSn-iOGbJbQ

We hope these can be used as tools to help explain why some communities have faced higher risks and impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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