Programs and Services

Problem Gambling

Community Services

Orientation to Problem Gambling Services

This group session is for people having problems because of their own involvement with gambling, as well as for those having problems because of someone else’s gambling activities. An AFM counsellor provides information about problem gambling and describes the help that is available to prevent any further harm in people’s life from gambling.

Individual Counselling

AFM provides free, confidential individual counselling for people having problems because of their gambling or having problems because of someone else’s gambling. Trained counsellors are available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Problem Gambling Treatment Group

This evening program is available free of charge in Winnipeg, Brandon and Dauphin. AFM counsellors provide education and support for a lifestyle without gambling. The group meets one evening per week. Participants must be referred through an AFM counsellor.

Telephone Counselling

Telephone counselling is available for people unable to meet in person with a counsellor. An appointment with a counsellor is scheduled and a workbook with information and worksheets is sent to participants.

Pause and Plan: After Your Voluntary Self-Exclusion Ends

The Pause and Plan: After Your Voluntary Self-Exclusion Period Ends course provides participants with information about how gambling works as well as the opportunity to think about their own experiences with gambling. This information may help individuals make informed decisions about whether they want to return to gambling once their exclusion period ends and help them to think about a personal plan of action.

This course is for individuals who have participated in the Voluntary Self-Exclusion (VSE) program at casinos in Manitoba, PlayNow.com, or at the Cityplace Gaming Centre and wish to re-enter. If individuals choose to end their VSE once the self-selected time period has ended, completing this course is a requirement of Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries.

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In-House Program

AFM offers a 21-day in-house program for both men and women. The program takes place at the Parkwood Treatment Centre in Brandon and is available for problem gamblers no matter where they live in the province.

Parkwood is a bright, two-story building with a resident’s lounge, a kitchen and dining room, a resource library and comfortable bedrooms. Clients who choose to come to Parkwood are warmly welcomed by staff and are encouraged to make themselves at home.

The program offered at Parkwood includes a variety of activities, as well as individual and group counselling every day. Participants learn how gambling affects the mind, the body and relationships between family members. Then, they work with a counsellor to plan changes in their lifestyle.

Individual needs of the clients are taken into consideration. As well as co-ed group sessions, residents have the opportunity to participate in same-sex groups, allowing for specific gender issues to be addressed. Couple counselling and financial information is also available. Family members and other significant people in the residents’ lives are encouraged to attend family sessions at the beginning and end of the program. Once the program is completed, participants can receive ongoing support through their local AFM office.

Consultation Services

Professionals and helping organizations can call any of our gambling prevention staff to discuss their needs or questions about gambling and/or problem gambling. Staff will provide information or suggestions on handling gambling problems or will develop and tailor training for specific organization needs.

AFM consultants can work together with the organization to:

  • Complete a needs assessment
  • Explore available options
  • Develop a plan of action
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