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FASD Addictions Services – Starfish Program

The Starfish Program is an addictions treatment program for youth living with FASD who are involved with the justice system and have problematic substance use. Participants receive one-on-one counselling, participate in small groups and attend recreation and leisure activities. The Starfish Program supports ongoing participation by providing transportation, appointment reminders (via text or phone), non-traditional meeting places and times and inclusion of support persons.


Individualized Programming

Youth with FASD have unique and individual strengths and challenges to be supported and nurtured.

The Starfish programming is adaptable to enable staff to tailor program components and the level of involvement to each individual participant and “where they are at” throughout their participation in the project.

Some youth may be in and out of custody and probation during their time with the project. The project is designed to enable programming to move with the participant through the different systems as their needs change.

Participation is voluntary.



Youth can be referred to the project if they meet the following criteria:

  • Have a diagnosis under the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder umbrella
  • Are involved in Manitoba Youth Corrections
  • Have problematic substance use
  • Live in Winnipeg or surrounding area

Referrals can be made to the project by phone (see contact information). All that is required is confirmation that the youth meet the criteria and their name.



AFM offers this program in partnership with Manitoba Youth Corrections and Healthy Child Manitoba.



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